CCTV Report! XCMG Workers at Minus 40 Degrees

At the moment the bell rang at 0:00 in 2020, Gu Miao, who was far away in Russia, was talking on the phone. At the other end of the phone, Gu Miao’s family was sitting in front of the TV watching the CCTV Finance program “2020 New Year New World”.


6 minutes later, Gu Miao, a service engineer of the Russian coal mining project of XCMG, appeared on the screen, sending the first blessing of 2020 to the motherland and the people under a snowstorm of minus forty degrees in front of the GR5505 mine grader. At this time, Gu Miao heard proud cheers from his family on the other side of the phone before he had time to share the joy with them.

Kemerovo accounts for 6% of the land area of Russia, but holds 60% of its coal mines. Since two XCMG mine graders GR5505 have been delivered to Kemerovo Mine Project in 2019, they have been working non-stop for 24 hours at full load under extreme operating conditions, with an attendance rate of over 95%, demonstrating the high quality of products made in China.

As the leader of the XCMG mine grader service team on this project, Gu Miao, a boy who grew up in Jiangsu, will never forget the scene of serving here. “At minus 40 degrees, I was frozen out here when I got off the bus. The technicians of the project team took me to the mine to take a look at the construction site. There is a thick layer of permafrost here up to 1,377.6 meters, which is many times thicker than the thickest frozen soil layer of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.”

XCMG GR5505 works in Kemerovo

But Gu Miao quickly adapted to the extreme environment here and performed his duties meticulously. At one time, in order to track the operating data of the equipment, Gu Miao stayed late at the mine. After dark, the snow intensified, and the temperature plummeted to minus 50 degrees. Gu Miao still persisted in the heavy snow and stared at the instrument in his hand until one o’clock in the morning with empty stomach; it was four o’clock when he returned to his quarters. This is an unforgettable sleepless night for Gu Miao; he still feels chill when recalling the snow and cold that night.

XCMG mine grader service personnel traces the operating data of equipment


At XCMG, service engineers like Gu Miao are not alone. “Gu Miao” is only a member of the XCMG grader service team. From the Hulunbuir prairie to the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, Novosibirsk at -40°C to Australian mines at 45°C, GR3505 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo of the southern hemisphere to GR2605 which is about to enter the high-end market in North America, XCMG graders are used in coal mines in the world, which attributes to the silent contribution of XCMG’s powerful mine grader service team.

XCMG GR3505 mine grader works in the Julong mine

GR3505 grader works in a coal mine in Inner Mongolia

GR3505 grader works on a open pit mine in Inner Mongolia

It’s summer in Australia of the southern hemisphere. Zhou Ganxiang, a XCMG mine grader service engineer, got up at five o’clock to participate in the morning meeting of the mining area, and learned that three GR3505 graders should be centrally maintained. The temperature of the mining area reached 45 degrees at noon. The hot air was mixed with mining dust that came with the wind. Even in the workshop, you must constantly replenish water to avoid heat stroke.


“I shuttle between the mining area and the quarter. It is my first priority to ensure the operation of products. There is not much activity space here, and not many residents, but from time to time, snakes, scorpions, lizards and other animals may visit at a sudden, which spices up our life in the mining area.” Zhou Ganxiang described the severe environment with such as a relaxed tone.

XCMG mine grader service team on a mine in Australia

The people in this team who work hard to overcome difficulties spend the most 320 days a year on the mine, during which they not only solve product failure, restore product performance, but also need to provide operation and maintenance guidance. What is more important is to understand customer needs, offer solutions, and provide customers with value-added services throughout the life cycle of products.

XCMG mine grader service team on a mine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Russia entered the New Year two hours later than China. At zero o’clock in Russia time, the Chinese has celebrated the New Year. Gu Miao told his team at the station:

“XCMG’s super-large grader has withstood the test of extreme conditions in Russia. It is the best proof that Chinese manufacturing is first-rate in the world. It also allows us to move further towards the Everest summit! Let’s toast for the motherland and XCMG!!”
The loud clink shows the confidence of the grader service team in XCMG products, the pride of guarding XCMG’s equipment in Russia, and the strong determination of thousands of XCMG workers to remain committed to climbing the Everest summit!!